I have been locker hooking rugs for several years off and on.  I mean the output has not been enormous.  I have finished almost  three rugs.  I love doing it, but I have so many excuses I mean reasons that I tend to get distracted…….   I digress.


I’ve decided though, that doing locker hooking with roving is an idea that is worth sharing.  If you’re game, maybe you would like to try it.


It all started with my daughter who is a rampant quilter and fabricolic.  Here I will plug her Etsy site – Sew Yeah. 


I watched as she was locker hooking a rug using strips of fabric.  It turned out beautifully.

She happened to have an extra frame and offered it to me.  Since I work with roving instead of fabric, that’s what I use to make my rugs.


The frame is like a needle pointing frame.  It stretches and holds the rug canvas leaving your hands free to work. 


You have to use both hands – one over and one under.  On top you are working with the locker hook and underneath you are working with the roving.  A lot of the process is done by touch as you can’t see underneath so much.


The potential for creativity is explosive. The planning is crazy fun.   What colors do I love? What kind of roving from what fiber producing animal? What design shall I use, or shall it be random?  How big will it be?  What space will it occupy? How do I want it to affect the surrounding area? Do I want a border?


Now – About what you will need.

First of all {and most importantly} you will need the desire to create something beautiful and unique.

Got that?  OKAY!!


You will need rug canvas that is the correct size for your space.  There are two kinds – stiff and not stiff.

Then you’ll need roving – Beautiful, lovely, gorgeous roving….!!!

And you’ll need a Locker Hook – of course.

And some yarn for threading through the loops.  This can be whatever you have on hand that is durable – not wimpy. And some yarn that will match your rug fiber for the border. [If you’re a hand spinner you can use the same roving to make this.]

A frame to hold the canvas is helpful but not mandatory, especially if you’re using the stiff canvas.


There are some techniques that need to be learned.   I’ll be glad to help. I am in the process of writing a book showing in detail how to turn beautiful roving into beautiful rugs.  The title is From Roving to Rugs. So I will post when it is ready to go.  I also will be teaching a class at KAWS 2016 if you’d like to sign up for that. Their website is  but the KAWS 2016 at present has not been posted.  I’m also in the process of making a website that will provide the things you will need. 


In the mean time you can contact me at  and let me know the things you would like to buy.  I have a Set of Three Large Crochet Hooks (size L, P, & Q) = $8, 1 Locker Hook = $7, and a 24”x30” Rug Canvas (stiff)= $8

ALRIGHT – You’re set!!