English Angora Rabbits for Sale

Boyohboyoh I see I have not updated this page for a long time. So Sorry. So Here is the lowdown now. I have been working full time for many years and did not really have time to devote to my much affectionated rabbits. I wanted to take good care of them so decided to downsize, not breeding as much. When I finally attempted to there was no cooperation. So no bunnies for a long time. The webpage also suffered neglect.
The unexpected death of a friend and fellow rabbit breeder (same age as myself) inspired me to retire asap, thinking - what am i doing spending hours and days and weeks and years at such an unrewarding job? I have now retired and have in mind to ramp up my rabbits again. I have 3 new gorgeous English Angora rabbits and another will be coming. So bunnies are planned for the spring. yay!!!
My new English Angoras are from excellent show-rabbit lines and are a financial investment. The bunnies I decide to part with will be $100 each ($100 is the new $50) hopefully to a well-informed responsible animal-loving nurturing person who loves grooming. If you would like to be placed on a contact list let me know.
Email: angora6500@gmail.com
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