Once Upon A Time

Twenty seven years ago I read an article about the Angora rabbit. Though I had never seen one, I wanted one and a call to our local extension agent got us a list of Angora breeders. We found that an English Angora rabbit breeder lived only a half an hour away. Viewing Angora rabbits for the first time was amazing and fun. We bought an aging, sweet doe named Willow and then, of course, we needed another one or two as it would be fun to have bunnies. Along came Stephanie and Pat who produced several bunnies for us.  We joined the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and attended rabbit shows to show our rabbits. Days at rabbit shows were laid back and entertaining with congenial folks. It was good to get away for the day and fun to show our rabbits spending time discussing one of our favorite hobbies with other enthusiasts.

The Present

My fondness for the English Angora breed has remained and I am still an Angora breeder. I raise colored Angoras as I enjoy the potpourri of wool hues. Black is a dominant color so the majority of our bunnies tend to be black. It is actually a very pretty, charcoal gray color of wool.
When selecting the rabbits I want to breed, temperament is considered first, then wool quality & body type. I am a "hand spinner" which means I spin the wool on a spinning wheel into yarn. I have found that spinners automatically assess things by texture; which means I know what I like my rabbits to feel like. My experience showing rabbits has helped me to know quality body type, & almost all of my rabbits are sweet tempered. I have found that sweet tempered parents make for sweet tempered offspring.
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