Thanks for coming to visit! We are located near Manhattan, KS. Our small farm is situated on top of one of the Flint Hills where we can see both the sunrise and the sunset and miles of horizon.

We started breeding English Angora rabbits around 28 years ago and one thing led to another. I am a handspinner, turning Angora wool, mohair, and other animal fibers into yarn, I demonstrate occasionally showing off my rabbits, spinning fiber, and locker hooked rugs made from pure mohair roving. Locker Hooking with roving is one beautiful way to use all that luscious fiber.

Angora goats arrived on the scene 23 years ago when two of them were advertised in the paper. Their baaing gave the place a down-home feel and their curious but laid-back attitudes reminded us that not everything cares about what time it is. Our herd size varied between 15 and 20 goats and shearing was a twice a year goat rodeo. Goats have a goal in life to get out. Its the principle of the thing. So we eventually sold our goats but still have loads of mohair.

Our most recent venture is Sheep We have a part Merino, part Rambouille ram (Rambo of course) and a ewe Cleobelle who is a Lincoln Longwool and she gave us a lamb and she was named Violette and was a half Lincoln, one quarter Shetland, and one quarter Racka (google it youll be amazed). Her wool was fabulous. Sadly she died after birthing twins. She had a malady that caused her to stop eating and drinking though we did everything we could. (If this happens to you try giving beer by mouth with a large syringe. This treatment I found out about after she was gone.) So I became sheep mama. I was out feeding the twins four times a day for 3 and a half months. Bunctious and Sheban are opposite of each other a ram and a ewe, white and black, completely different coats, different personalities. It pretty much changed my life. They still come running when they see me which makes me happy.

Im now retired and enjoying raising my English Angora rabbits. I have started fresh in a way with show-rabbit lines and am looking forward to more bunnies in the up coming months. I am so pleased they are beautiful!

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